Deya Dova Atmosphere Gathering

Deya Dova @ Diversity Festival

RETURN OF THE BIRD TRIBES is the first track from the forthcoming EP due out later in the year. Until the full EP release it is available exclusively on the Deya Dova Bandcamp.

Accompanying the release is the stunning multi media art project. Including the outstanding installations of 3 artists Mario Martinez Mars-1 / San Francisco, CA, David Boyer / Reno, NV & Mazu / New Xishi City, Taiwan. Our sincerest Gratitude goes to all the artists who were a part of this incredible collaboration – Johann Wolf (Director), Eka Darville, Joseph Plenys, Gabriel PachaKroma, Paul Rubio, Roslyn Barnett, Malaika MaVeena Darville, Maha Laxmi Grace, Shay Hughes, Ildiko Cziglenyi, Joti Jai Hudes, Joshua Hathaway, Phillip Oje, Kismet Sorensen, Coedie Mccarthy, Ben TempleStep Astare.


Deya Dova Tour Poster 2016 4


Deya Dova plays Sonic Bloom

Deya Dova at Bali Spirit Festival


March 2, 2016

Seven-Sisters Festival with Deya Dova