September 6, 2014



DEYA recently had the opportunity to travel with an Adnyamathanha Grandmother to UVG Grid Point 44, Flinders Ranges. The largest Songline / Leyline intersection of the planetary gird in Australia & Land of the Rock People. DEYA recorded live onsite in the creek beds & in gorges marked with some of the oldest petroglyphs on the planet.

The journey auspiciously took place over the Solstice & time “We ask all people of all faiths to journey to these many Sacred Places around the world each year on June 21 and to pray with us according to the traditions of their hearts.” Arvol Looking Horse, the Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nation.

DEYA is currently mixing the songs she recored on location & is overjoyed to share that the land in the Grid Point region is flourishing, fertile, harmonious & in deep serenity. “Everything standing up alive”

Stay tuned for these new tracks & mini doco of the journey
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Grandmother Tree & The Feathered Serpent Live @ Byron Bay May 2014. Deya ended her euphoric dance floor set with this sublime track. An onsite live recording at Mt.Warning, Wulambiny Momoli – a sacred site on the East Coast of Australia.

Deya would like to acknowledge + pay respect to the Ngarakwal, Githabul + Bundjalung traditional custodians of this country.

Dance Performance by Madhu Honey, Costumes by Deya Dova, Video Footage & Edit by Arterium, Mt Warning time lapse footage by Vibrant Imaging, Still photos by Deya Dova & Roslyn Barnett.


March 17, 2014

Symbiotic Ep Cover750*
SYMBIOTIC EP Out Now through US label Desert Trax.
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Deya Dova EP Launch Byron Bay





DEYA & her band have just returned from a lightening bolt visit to the U.S. to perform at Burning Man Festival in the Nevada Desert. Headlining at the amazing Sacred Spaces Village they played to a deliciously electric & dusty crowd, sharing their brand new Downtempo set full of luscious beats, totemic bass and divine song lines. The response from the international audience was absolutely euphoric as they danced up the DEYA DOVA energy.

Since landing back in Oz the band is super inspired and DEYA has been in the studio finishing the final vocals on the new tracks. Stay tuned for a brand new DEYA DOVA EP release before the end of the year.! Get ready for new music filled with the wild vastness and enchantment of the Nevada desert. There are more photos on the DEYA DOVA Facebook page.


For the past months DEYA has been deep in the belly of her studio, writing and producing new material. Her new concoctions infuse tasty Totemic Bass, Ancient Songlines, Cinematic Soundscapes and Textual Organica with a Mythic Temple vibe and Primal Beats. DEYA and her band are currently putting together a Downtempo dance set to showcase some of these new trax as well as live versions of remixes by Desert Dwellers and Kalya Scintilla. The set will feature at their up coming shows at Burning Man Festival, Nevada Desert USA.


A taste of Deya Dova can be heard on Channel [V] Music TV Foxtel. Deya sings on their recent kaleidoscopic Image Spot Ad in collaboration with Music Producer Simeon Bartholomew & Creative Director Sean Vandenburg