February 5, 2015

Earth Freq

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Had an amazing time at Luminate Festival New Zealand. What a fantastic, visionary, aligned and earth friendly festival! We had such a great set performing after the intention ceremony and alongside the Desert Dwellers. Thank you Aotearoa!

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November 24, 2014

Symbiotic Remixes Cover web

The SYMBIOTIC REMIXES are out now through Desert Trax. A luminescent collection of remixes of the DEYA DOVA Symbiotic EP. Featuring the sonic mastery & pure awesome-ness of Kalya Scintilla, Whitebear, Drumspyder, Temple Step Project & DJ Dakini and Dancing Tiger!

Available for download at:
DEYA DOVA music store
and all good online stores.

Deya features on stunning new release, Open Ancient Eyes from sonic wizard Kalya Scintilla & invoke-tress Eve Olution. Deya’s vocals feature on the track TribeOriginal, an exotic, organic, bass laden journey into an ancient landscape of the original tribes.
Check it out here :-

Deya has just returned home from another incredible journey, this time to stand with the Great Sioux Nation in reclaiming their rightful guardianship of the sacred Black Hills (He Sápa); Wamaka Og’naka Icante, “The heart of everything that is”.

Deya traveled with the Uplift production team from Byron Bay to share her music at The Unity Concert in the Black Hills alongside international artists including Xavier Rudd, Buffie Saint Marie, Nahko Bear & legendary Musician & Activist Peter Yarrow from Peter Paul & Mary. Along with her music, Deya brought a message from Adnyamathanha Aboriginal elder uncle Wilfred Strangways from the Flinders Ranges to share with the Lakota. It was a beautiful expression of solidarity & understanding of First Nation people across continents. Deya had many profound experiences on the journey including traditional Lakota Wiping of the Tears ceremony, Inipi sweat lodges, creating a large earth Medicine Wheel alter, attending Tribal council meetings and recording live onsite at two sacred sites in the Black hills. The trip was made possible by a spontaneous online crowd funding in which $3500 was raised in just 12 days for the air tickets! Deya is extremely grateful to all those who were the wind within her wings!!!

One of her many highlights was singing “SkyRoarer” at The Unity concert and feeling all those who had supported her, standing beside her onstage in support of the Sioux Nation. For more information on what is happening in the Black Hills please watch the videos at and
Artwork by @Cheyenne Randall Art


September 6, 2014



DEYA recently had the opportunity to travel with an Adnyamathanha Grandmother to UVG Grid Point 44, Flinders Ranges. The largest Songline / Leyline intersection of the planetary gird in Australia & Land of the Rock People. DEYA recorded live onsite in the creek beds & in gorges marked with some of the oldest petroglyphs on the planet.

The journey auspiciously took place over the Solstice & time “We ask all people of all faiths to journey to these many Sacred Places around the world each year on June 21 and to pray with us according to the traditions of their hearts.” Arvol Looking Horse, the Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nation.

DEYA is currently mixing the songs she recored on location & is overjoyed to share that the land in the Grid Point region is flourishing, fertile, harmonious & in deep serenity. “Everything standing up alive”

Stay tuned for these new tracks & mini doco of the journey
Gorge website

Grandmother Tree & The Feathered Serpent Live @ Byron Bay May 2014. Deya ended her euphoric dance floor set with this sublime track. An onsite live recording at Mt.Warning, Wulambiny Momoli – a sacred site on the East Coast of Australia.

Deya would like to acknowledge + pay respect to the Ngarakwal, Githabul + Bundjalung traditional custodians of this country.

Dance Performance by Madhu Honey, Costumes by Deya Dova, Video Footage & Edit by Arterium, Mt Warning time lapse footage by Vibrant Imaging, Still photos by Deya Dova & Roslyn Barnett.